The last few weeks have been put to good use organizing my forthcoming coast to coast cycling adventure here in the USA!

REI (Recreation Equipment Incorporated).. the largest outdoor store here in the US.. have been both instrumental and extremely helpful in the purchase and outfit of my ‘Co-op ADV 3.1’ touring bike! (Customer service here in the States is second to none! To be able to fully return a bike or any part thereof at any time within the coming year.. guarantees a very very happy me!

Whilst preparing for my upcoming tour I’ve been extremely lucky to be staying with amazing friends Kalina and Andy in their spectacular home looking out over the White House.. the Capitol and Washington Monument! Thank you both so much for your super kind hospitality.. support and help with the numerous facets involved in planning my coast to coast bike tour! I could not have done it without you!

Between the planning I’ve managed to catch up on some of the ‘must see’s’ that this town has to offer.. including a myriad of museums (all of which are free entry!) Arlington Cemetery.. the Lincoln Memorial and the aforementioned White House.. Capitol and Washington Monument!

Having now refined my starting point and route to a combination of the ‘TransAmerica’ Bicycle Trail and the ‘Western Express’ Bicycle Trail.. Starting in Yorktown, Virginia and finishing in San Fransisco.. I’ll be transiting from the TransAmerica to the Western Express midway through the country in Pueblo, Colorado. From there.. I’ll be cruising on to the ocean finishing in San Fransisco sometime around mid June?!

I have the maps.. I have my bike and I have the determination and inspiration! With fortune and the wind at my back as well as a little luck to boot.. I’ll be dipping my ‘rear’ wheel in the Atlantic Ocean on the 4th April.. and my ‘front’ wheel in the Pacific.. if all goes to plan.. just 2 months later!

12 thoughts on “…. A NEW JOURNEY AND A NEW ADVENTURE! ….

  1. That’s fantastic, you’ve gotten the Doc’s approval for the 🚴! Gotta love DC, my birth place. I’ll be looking forward to read and see your amazing adventure. Bevo

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  2. Good luck and good fortune on your journey Chris, may the wind assist you on your travels, the sun shine gently on your back, look forward to your wonderful posts and pictures again on this special trip coast to coast, will be with you all the way again in mind only though, we’ll leave the hard work to you, once again! Much love, J & D xxx

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  3. And so you begin your next adventure Chris – so exciting. It’ll be wonderful to ‘be with you’ you en route again – great photos and write-up so far! Take care, stay safe and have lots of fun. Thinking of you and sending warm hugs. David and Sally xx

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  4. Hi Chris,
    Best wishes for a fantastic journey!
    Don’t forget to visit all of us here in Victoria!
    Would love to hear your stories over a lovely meal.
    XOX Ianine

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  5. Thanks for starting this new blog so we can “cycle” along side you xx Wow Chris, you start your new adventure so soon – hope we get a chance to skype before you start on the 4th.

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