.. ON MY WAY!..

Coast to Coast (C-C) Day 1 April 8th

After a slightly delayed departure I finally set off on this odyssey from the East Coast in Yorktown.. Virginia.. just south of Washington DC on Sunday 8th April.. aiming to be in San Fransisco in a little over 2 months from now! It might be a ‘big ask’.. but will put peddle to the metal and see how it all goes?!

I mentioned a slightly delayed departure as yesterday.. my original start date.. had temperatures approaching 32F (0C) along with copious amounts of rain mixed with the odd shower of snow! Not for the birds.. so most definitely not for me!

The wind was up and after consultation with my wonderful.. and very sensible friends Kalina and Andy.. common sense prevailed.. so after Andy had kindly driven me across to Yorktown.. I hunkered down for the night at the Duke of York Hotel on the waterfront awaiting the storms end.

Ceremoniously dipping my rear wheel in the Atlantic Ocean in almost sub zero temperatures the day before I actually set off!

As luck would have it.. April 8th dawned bitingly cold.. but the sun was out and I was on my way! For the most part.. my route today was on a well sealed biking path.. beside the road which made for much easier cycling not having to worry about the vehicles.. but the wind was a full frontal and at times my progress was depressingly slow!

I passed some of the first settlements in the American colonies.. towns like Williamsburg.. Jamestown and Charles City.. as history would have it these are also towns where the final battles for Independence from the UK were fought in the 1780’s! The UK finally capitulating and thereby leaving the newly formed United States to self governance.

The ‘Victory Monument’ in Yorktown.. this is also the official start point for the ‘Trans America Bicycle Trail’!

After almost 60 miles (96 km’s) with my legs aching like they’ve never ached before I discovered and was kindly welcomed into the Willis United Methodist Church by Pastor Art.. Juanita and Heather! I was fed and allowed to sleep in the warmth of the churches crèche for the night. A VERY welcome end to my first exciting but exhausting day on the road. Sincere thanks to you all for your kindness and hospitality!

Willis United Methodist ChurchThe crèche.. my bed for the night!Gifts from the Willis congregation!

16 thoughts on “.. ON MY WAY!..

  1. I feel for you, we just left Virginia this morning with snowfall, and I froze loading the car! I don’t know how you do it – be careful and be safe – so looking forward to the new episodes! Bevo

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  2. Glad you are off and peddling on your new adventure Chris, shame about the cold but sure spring will arrive soon, we’ve got it here so it’s on its way, be safe and enjoy, look forward to your lovely run down on the trip this time and your stunning pictures, lots of love from Bulgaria xx


  3. Hello Chris. Lovely to know you’re now en route – stunning photos, of course! Hope all goes well, safe cycling and hope the weather’s warmer from now. Love from us all, D&S xx


  4. Hi Chris- this is quite a ‘leap’ into the unknown! Will be interested in hearing of the differences between this venture and the PCT. Crazy weather for the start but hopefully improve very soon. Love the ‘touch’ with the flags. Stay safe and hopefully a good settling in period. Love M n D xx

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  5. That was a very good first blog and great to hear you are off on your new adventure again. Will be interesting to hear any comparisons between this and the PCT. looking forward to “much reading” and trail photos. Keep well and happy xx


  6. So very proud of you and your next adventure. You certainly don’t let the moss grow under you! Only just arrived home in Abu Dhabi and plowing through the washing ready for our next trip to the US departing on the 10th April. Good luck bro. I’m sure you’ve got those peddling legs working hard. 💕💗💕💗

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    • Thanks Denise and thanks to everyone.. but as I’ve just updated.. the cycling just wasn’t for me!
      Hoping you are well and thinking of you from back here in the comfort of DC 😘


  7. We understand your disappointment but a smart decision. Great opportunity for strengthing your injury and strength conditioning for pushing cars in the Amazon. Take care and keep your blog going.

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