Well.. after 7 days on the road.. on the very ‘busy’ roads.. and over 400 kilometers from my start point in Yorktown.. Virginia.. I’ve decided that biking across the USA is just not for me. I wasn’t enjoying the mentally fatiguing concern of whether each and every passing truck or car was giving me sufficient space.. the focus and concentration required to remain on the road and the absence of nature at its best which is the aspect I’d enjoyed so much whilst hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.. and most of all I found the cycling particularly lonely!

The PCT and cycling ‘Coast to Coast’.. both distinctly different undertakings I had realized at the start.. but whilst on the PCT I had been amongst like minded hikers.. always comparing notes and experiences.. whereas the single minded resilience required day after day.. whilst biking is extraordinarily different. I had in no way anticipated the lack of social contact.. though I was almost constantly amongst people!

On 2 of my 7 evenings the sincere kindness offered by the United Methodist Church and community in both Glendale and Palmyra broke that loneliness with the welcoming warmth they offered. Thank you for your positive encouragement and unconditional friendship.

Sincere thanks too.. to all of you whom have offered your support and encouragement on both this ‘short and somewhat stunted’ adventure and my successful hike last year.. your advice.. and love have kept me going and sustained me during the more difficult times! I’m not sure what I’ll be up to next.. but for the moment I’m happily gathering my thoughts and planning any possible subsequent moves!

15 thoughts on “7 DAY’S AND OVER 400 KM’S.. BUT IT’S JUST NOT FOR ME?!

  1. Wow Chris, I understand your pain for giving away the ride. I sold my road bike a year ago because I was sick of the idiots lining me up as a target here in Auckland. I am surprised that the drivers over there are as bad as they are here tho, but it would be unfortunate to see you in an accident for no good reason other than trying to be at one with nature. Susan and I arrived in Kununurra yesterday to start our Kimberley cruise on Friday with all our Broome friends. 37degrees and reasonably dry so took the edge off. We have a 70min helicopter ride to the boat so the scenery will be awesome. Yes it is strange being back in this old stomping ground brings back a lot of memories. Who would have thought 26 years ago this is where we would end up. Thank you again for your kind thoughts re my father. Only 2 and 1/2 weeks ago but seems an eon! So in return you have both Susan and my thoughts with you as you find a new direction and challenge which I am sure you will. All the best my friend Martin and Susan

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  2. Very good decision Chris – you are a ‘people’s’ person who loves the “wild” and all that that offers. Cycling across USA was unfortunately never going to offer that and would be a personal anticlimax after the terrific adventure of the PCT.
    Good to have ‘time out’ to reflect and reorientate – there is no way that you will be without a challenge very soon.
    Our love as always xx

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  3. Can totally understand your feelings Chris, you are a wonderful “people” person and this was so different to the peace quiet and tranquility of mother nature on the PCT, sure you’ll be up to something again very soon, main thing is you’re safe, much love from Bulgaria matey x 😉💖

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  4. Hi hun, all I could think was “nothing ventured nothing gained “ as I read your last posting . So good to know you are safe and well and will be free to do something you enjoy for the next few months . Safe voyages and new adventures await xx

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  5. We admire your decision to end the cycle trip. There will be something round the corner that will suit you. Good luck in finding it!
    Our very best wishes

    Jan and Rich

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  6. Big, emotional decision to make, Chris, and completely understandable. We truly admire your strength and courage and know that your next adventure is not far away (or here already?!). Thinking of you as always and sending much love, D&S xx

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  7. So sorry it didn’t work out, riding is no good if the situation is so stressful not to mention the loneliness aspect as well. Good decision Chris! Maybe time for a trip to Slaveykovo, to figure out your next adventure.


  8. Hi Chris,
    Sorry this trip did not come upto your expectations, we can understand you giving up, a new thing for you, but no worries something else will turn up as they say one door shuts and another opens. It’s great that you gave it a try, so take care and good luck with whatever you do next.
    Much love
    John and Wendy xx


  9. Im surprised that you chose that starting point and went west from there. West coast is the place to be and you will find some great riding out there. Va. is simply not bike friendly, period. If you insist on crossing the U.S. with pedals, at least give yourself a break and go west-east with a tailwind. Hope you find some peace in your next endeavour. Cheers!


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