As souls go.. I’ve been an extremely fortunate one! I’ve grown up in the most loving family.. and to date have suffered no undue tragedy. My friends and colleagues have all been the most inspiring.. genuine.. and supportive of any that I could have wished and my working life  has been a dream!

As is always the case though.. life seems intent in dealing us all our share of challenges? I have had mine.. and to date have come through unscathed.. a happier.. more fulfilled individual because of those challenges. We learn the most through the hardships we are forced to endure and live life the more.. because of them!

I am now in my young 50’s and long ago set myself a plan.. a map which would see me ‘retire’ from life in the skies.. from the romanticism of jetting at 1000 kilometers an hour and over 30,000 feet to planting my boots squarely on ‘terra firma’ and walking my way at a more sedate pace.. through some of the majestic.. truly epic hikes come treks that this world has to offer.

From my dream of flying to my dream of walking.. hiking this gorgeous.. all encompassing.. magnetic world of ours has become a reality.. and following are the pages of those dreams!